I’ve had some pretty bad luck lately. Somebody got my bank info and started buying up all types of crazy shit (still haven’t got all my money back. Shouts out to Bank of America). My car won’t start and I can’t get it fixed because I don’t have my money, and I woke up to today with a terribly sore throat. Guess what though? I’m still happy as ever and I’m still probably gonna work on some music sometime today. I just need some Starbucks. Lol


So I woke up to go to work this morning and my car wouldn’t start. Needless to say I didn’t go to work. However, I did get a chance to work on a lot of music. I got hungry and didn’t have any food in the house so I walked to store. I really got a chance to clear my mind and I realized a few things:

  1. It was cold as hell outside today
  2. Everyone has a story. I want mines to be worthy enough to listen to
  3. The production process for Soundtrack to Greatness: A Look at Love may be put on hold (more details soon)
  4. My introversion keeps me sane

Of course I missed making some money today, but I learned some valuable lessons about myself and others.

“But I will not lose, for even in defeat

There’s a valuable lesson learned, so that evens it up for me”  -Hov

TIMELESS TUESDAYS [The Isley Bros.- Hello It’s Me]

The lyrics in this song are so dope to me. “I’ll come around every once in a while if you ever need a reason to smile.” Peep how T.I. flipped the song and sampled in his track “Hello” off of the King album. Shouts out to the whoever uploaded it for disabling the embedding option.

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