ON THE ROAD AGAIN [5 Albums I need on a roadtrip]

So if you follow me on twitter, you know that I finally got a job and that I have to go to Lexington, Kentucky for my training. For some strange reason I thought I was so special that I wouldn’t have to drive my own car there. I was sadly mistaking. When I found out I had to drive, I instantly hit up Google maps and found that I had almost a 5 hour trip ahead of me. I’m no stranger to long drives though. I went to college 4 hrs away from my hometown. By now you’re probably wondering where I am going with this post. As you all know music is my life. The 1st thing I thought about was what the hell am I gonna listen to on the way there. This is the list I compiled. Checkem’ out below. [sidenote: Don’t act like yawl don’t listen to R&B when yawl in the car by yourself]

Black Milk- Album of the Year

Michael Jackson –Thriller

Dee Goodz- Floetic Justice

Babyface- Tender Lover

Wale- More About Nothing


Drake- So Far Gone